• Rotisserie restoration specialist
  • Smash repairs
  • Spray painting
  • All insurance work
  • Full restoration or specific job
  • 30+ years experience
  • Family business
  • Convenient instalment payment option
  • Photo record provided of restoration progress
  • Passionate and professional service
  • Accident not your fault? Enquire how we can arrange a free hire car for you during repair


This is a current restoration (mid 2016) this HG Manaro is a prime example of why I like to use the rotisserie method. By us blasting the car back we can find every imperfection (it's amazing what can be missed otherwise) this gives us a blank canvas so our customers get nothing but a perfect job. 


  • Check out the pics on the right of the rust repair process from start to finish
  • Sand Blast
  • Weld up Inner 
  • Seam Seal Inside
  • Weld and Repair Outside
  • Having the vehicle mounted on a rotisserie allows us to work at a comfortable height which allows a better job to be done


  • We also do change over reconditioned bonnet hinges for XR, XT, XW, XY, XA, XB, XC
  • We replace the pin and spring clip shown in the picture
  • We replace the rivets that are almost always worn out with new ones made to original specifications
  • Generally the holes are elongated so we weld them up and re drill new holes
  • The reco hinges are then sand blasted and etch primed ready to paint