It is  impossible to give an accurate price on any restoration, so we work from an hourly rate. Our hourly rate also covers all basic materials (sandpaper, filler, masking tape, clear coats, hardeners ect.) as well as GST. It does not cover paint or anything specially bought for the vehicle.  

We guarantee all of our work (besides rust, however we do everything possible to ensure rust does not come back). 

At the end of each week (if we have worked on your car) I will forward you an invoice and photos of progress on your restoration. All restorations come with photo's of progress. 

We work on weekly payment plans which can be paidstraight into my bank account, that way I receive a wage and you do not have a large bill once your car is finished.

Please note your account balance must be paid within 7 days or a 2.5% storage fee will apply.